Stereo Jane - "Strangers"

April 30, 2020 - 1112 views

Director: Austin Kolodney, Brooke Palmieri                  

Composers: Sydney Schmier , Emilia Schmier , James Bairian, Louis Castle , Sophia Sarkissian                

Publishers: Flougie and Cougie Music, Roc Nation, Stereo Jane Music Publishing

Performing Rights Organizations: ASCAP 

Running into an ex is awkward, especially when you're at a bar just trying to have a good time. Thank goodness for the random strangers you can talk to, who have no idea you're feeling totally uncomfortable as your ex looks on. 

That's exactly what goes down in Stereo Jane's video for their latest release, "Strangers.” Upon walking into a bar, the sister duo (Sydney and Mia Schmier) notice Sydney's ex boyfriend across the bar, and suddenly their night out turns into Sydney trying to make her ex jealous with a hipster cowboy, a pool shark and a jukebox diva -- all while she happens to be wearing his old shirt, of course. 

The video is a portrayal of the song’s lyrics, as Sydney sings in the chorus, "I'm on to the next dude/ Hope you got a good view/ Watch me while I talk to strangers."

"We wanted to show how going through a serious breakup can make you do crazy things and try so hard to get over the other person by talking to strangers.  Show losing such an important part of your life can make you feel like a stranger to yourself."

"Strangers" is Stereo Jane's first new music of 2020, following their previous single.