Kylie Odetta - "Under The Sun"

June 13, 2020 - 745 views

Video Credits: Bryon Bench & Kylie Odetta

Meaning behind the video: The funky and quirky story we are telling with the video represents embracing who you are and not conforming to whatever the world is trying to make you. It is also showing the positive impact that being yourself and shining your light can bring to the people who surround you. When we act courageously, go our own way, smile, include people, and feel confident in ourselves, then naturally the people around us start to feed off of that energy and might even be encouraged to do the same. The whole song and video are about freedom and fun and celebrating who God made us as unique and beautiful humans. Long story short: We want to visually show what it looks like to spread JOY in an over-the-top way and in turn hopefully literally spread some joy to the people watching. :)