Ksenia & Stevie Mackey "Only Want You More"

July 26, 2020 - 446 views
Ksenia & Stevie Mackey unite to release their latest emotion-drenched and uplifting pop single “Only Want You More.” The single delivers a powerful piano progressionand soothing, intimate, vocals by the artists. From the very start, “Only Want You More” will grasp you and pull at your emotional strings. The single resonates with a catchy chorus that will have everyone reminiscing and looking back at past experiences.

Ksenia’s and Stevie Mackey’s vocals intertwine seamlessly to make a song that will touch anyone. The lyrical depth in “Only Want You More” combined with the instrumentation delivers an emotion-heavy release. The single highlights a breakup and the pettiness of simple issues that makes us act indifferent to people we actually care about. “Only Want You More” is written based
on a true story which adds even more weight to the heavy vocals by Ksenia and Stevie Mackey. Moreover, the single is born during a time of self-isolation in troubling
times around the world.