Hilary Roberts - "Good Man"

June 13, 2020 - 775 views

DIRECTOR: Andrew Valentine

The song is empowering, motivating, with a healthy dose of fun & Incredibly catchy. With an exuberant melody and horns in the instrumentation, this is the sort of song we need to remind us that love can be fun and light-hearted. The video is an absolute riot which really shows off Roberts’ sense of humour - she organises a competition to find the Best Man, through tasks such as tying kids’ shoelaces, dance solos, a talent round and more, only to award all of them the prize. You are defied not to crack a smile whilst watching Roberts and all her friends dance and make fools of themselves and each other while the infectious beats of this song play on. Towards the end of the video, Roberts celebrates love in every capacity, with couples of all shapes, sizes, colours and sexualities paid tribute to this past Valentine’s Day.

website:  http://hilaryroberts.com/