CAEZAR - "Take Me There"

May 10, 2020 - 535 views

Video Credits: Francis Daracott

CAEZAR’s new track “Take Me There” is an indie-pop ballad with a difference; featuring soaring harmonies from both Chris and Zoe in the infectious chorus, the piece is unabashedly vulnerable and simultaneously uplifting. A beautifully introspective track, the lyrics ask something that many can relate to, “Trust me I can fight these demons inside”, speaking to the struggle we all face with our inner selves. Pairing this poignant and hopeful message with CAEZAR’s signature sound that combines skillfully-played live instruments and expertly produced electronic beats with strong, melodic lead vocals, the band manages to create something undeniably unique, that will certainly touch any that hear it.

On their new track, CAEZAR comment “A recurring theme throughout this EP is ‘movement’. Whether it’s excitement, remorse or anticipation – Take Me There is the final expression of this movement – the longing for escape. It’s easy to become faded by the weight of day-to-day life, so we wanted to write about the inspiration and hope of striving for something better. The vocal samples and irregular dream beat provides a haunting melody which acts as the perfect crescendo for this journey and for this EP.”