About indieartst

Indieartst was established in 2017 with the intention of creating a venue for the promotion and exposure of up and coming independent artists.


It is a known fact that independent artists, though talented, sometimes lack the means to promote their music. This void was what the platform, formerly known as Indieartst Music TV, sought to address. It started with a single music video channel curated on Roku back in 2017. Three years later, under the new name Indieartst (pronounced as indie artist), it has already given more than 2,000 independent artists and bands a chance to be heard. It also expanded into other platforms and is now available on Amazon Fire TV, and here their website, indieartst.com.


The journey so far has been very fulfilling for Indieartst. Two thousand artists given exposure in a span of three years is a major accomplishment, with every one of the previously featured talents now eagerly looking forward to gaining more exposure in the music industry. With Indieartst around, new music artists have a great place to show viewers from around the globe what they’ve got. That’s great news for up and coming talents who normally must take care of promoting their music all by themselves.


New artists now have access to the various networks and channels on the platform which Indieartst shares with them. There, they’ll find many different opportunities to showcase their music videos—they can create promotional blogs and posts, as well do direct promotion of their music via artists’ spotlight and guest spots on radio channels. With Indieartst, all the artists need to focus on is improving their craft and Indieartst will do the rest. This is a unique experience offered on this one-of-a-kind platform that is designed to give a publicity boost to any aspiring music artist.


Currently, Indieartst already has a presence on global radio, TV, and online but it’s not stopping there. It’s continues to look for new ways to help more independent music artists by giving them a chance to share their music. Indieartst believes that every artist should have the opportunity to be heard and the chance to showcase their talents in front of a greater audience. This belief in the artist and the power of their music is why Indieartst continues to be the best venue for showcasing fresh, new talent from around the world.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Discovered.  Indieartst Music TV & Radio.