July 12, 2021

WeiWei is based in NYC and LA and is an Asian American Recording Artist, Instagram Influencer and Business Intelligence Developer by day. After taking a time off of her tech career to pursue musical interests, she began writing songs and performing at venues such as Pianos and The Delancey.  WeiWei has toured with High School Nation and her music has over 200k streams on Spotify. She was born in Changsha, China and moved to the US when she was 4 years old. WeiWei started performing in musical theatre at the age of 2 and continued to play piano and violin throughout her teenage years. Despite having classical training, her sound is bubblegum pop and she often collaborates with artists in the electronic music genre.  

WeiWei has been featured in many publications such as Wonderland, PopSugar, Buzzfeed and Distract TV to name a few.  Spotify, Youtube, Dailymotion editorial playlists have featured her music.  Brands such as Lancome,YSL Beauty and Morphe have partnered with her to create instagram content.  WeiWei wants to change the music scene for Asian’s in American pop to break out of K-Pop and out of cultural boundaries in general. 

Official Website:  www.weisquared.com 

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Director - WeiWei , DP - Nelson Flores, Boyfriend - Sean Ledesman, Dancers Yasmine Kim , Cassie Gibs

The music video for Trophy Girl has retro vibes and set in a time where gender roles were very defined in a household. Its fun and sarcastic. The story starts when WeiWei comes home and throws her coat on the couch instead of putting it "where it belongs" and a fight ensues.  She decides she's had enough and tells him she doesn't want to have to always try to be a perfect "Trophy Girl".  The closing scene is WeiWei coming home after work. She throws her coat on the couch but this time no one is there to complain about it and that feels so nice.