UFN (Until Further Notice)

April 26, 2021

UFN is an up-tempo, angsty alt rock band. Our style is influenced heavily by our early 2000's favorites, with 90's grunge and Guitar Hero classic rock vibes.
We are music lovers, and we're passionate fans of creative culture and we're people who just like to rock. We've been creating music for 4 years, refining our sound and telling our stories. We make music that we like. Throughout 2020 we developed a strong online presence with weekly livestreams, gameplay and lots of videos.
Thank you for checking us out and for any amount of support and good vibes you give.

About the Bandmates
Our lead singer and frontboss, Sadie-Rei is a powerful vocalist who writes wicked smart lyrics and brings the heat with her passionate performances and fiery stage presence. Also an incredibly talented artist, she illustrates and writes detailed lore for the band.
Jon B is an unearthly guitar guru who always brings layers of tone with incredibly complex and riveting guitar parts to every project, his work with UFN is always both intricate and entrancing.
UFN's founder and true north is Bassist and composer, Jack. His compositions are exceedingly technical and excellent. Bass is not just a thump, Jack writes bass as a subtle melodic foundation. He is also our tech god, back up vocalist, sub drummer, and full time producer.
Drummer Ru is a power house on the drums and what he brings to the UFN sound has been the best thing since MCR came back. How special is he? Think Latin spiced, punk rhythms with speed metal precision and grungy throwbacks...yeah, it's that good.

Official Website: www.UntilFurtherNotice.net 

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Video Credits: Director: Leah Schaefer, Writer: Sadie-Rei Schaefer, Videographer/Producer: Christian Carranza

When falling victim to your own insecurities, you may often find that it's your own mind that strips away all of the things that you love. But, music remains. No matter how deep you go into your own well of darkness, music remains.

The story of Missin' Out is meant to be felt individually by whomever is listening, and you should take it in the way the music moves you. This visual representation is not everyone's story, but it is the visual representation of how Sadie views her own insecurities and vices.
Missin' Out is the first Official Video produced professionally for UFN