Tom Raley

June 14, 2021

Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer. Tom was born and raised in Jefferson City Tennessee. He is a songwriter at heart although he has done many different things in his life. He plays and performs all his music and vocals on his CDs. It is all recorded in the basement studio of his home in Spring City Tennessee, which he has lived for several years. He has produced 9 solo albums and 4 collaborative albums from his studio. He has written over 1000 songs in his lifetime and released 111 of them. He is mainly a guitar player but plays a variety of other instruments as shown on his albums. He writes everything from bluegrass to jazz. He got his first guitar at the age of 5 and wrote his first song at age 10. His family was a musical family always gathering for Friday and Saturday night picking sessions. Learned to play listening to a transistor radio and watching his family play. Although he had a career in Engineering he has always and never lost the love for his music. He is truly a dedicated songwriter with a song for everyone. He wants to share his life of songs to the world and bring a smile to as many people as possible.

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