The Keystones

October 04, 2020

The Keystones are an alternative bar-rock band based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Born in Waukesha, the very same place as the electric guitar, the members of this unique, out-of-the-box rock group hail from the golden era of grunge guitar, one that’s full of heavy tones and hypnotizing garage beats that dance between Brit-indie and new-age modern rock sounds. They’re a far cry from the glitzy, indie pop groups that seem to fall out of the woodwork these days, and they’re okay with that. Why? Because their goal isn’t to find the glossiest sound. In fact, it’s much bigger than that: they want to make the town that created the guitar as we know it proud.


The Keystones - "WLVS" (Official Music Video)

Video Credits: Edward Curran - Enterprise Films, 2nd Cam Op: Diego Pedroza

'WLVS' is the fifth official release by up & coming rock band, The Keystones. A heavy, gritty rock tune which was heavily inspired by 'Don Broco,' WLVS is about a cyborg gone rogue with only one mission... destroy all humans!

However, there could be another amongst the crowd... Tune in to witness the mayhem, destruction, and robot fights in the official music video for 'WLVS!'