The iBand

March 08, 2021

The iBand is formed of a group of musicians that have roots all over the world. We write, play, and produce our music from independent locations that are remote from each other. We all love music and would like to become the first internet only super group. While the politicians fight and argue, we would like to use the internet to help unite the world. We are the people of the world. Let's just smile and rock the world as brothers and sisters of the human race.

Name - Lola de Hanna
Role(s) - Sings lead and backup vocals. Assists with songwriting, particularly vocal melodies
Where she grew up - Athens, Greece
Current Residence - New York City
Music Experiences - Lola has sung a wide range of styles from ambient to pop to rock to metal. She currently has out a solo EP called The Other Side. All songs are original and the E.P. can be found at the usual online outlets. She is also the Lola in the group ChordSlinger n Lola who are well known in the Indie community and on ReverbNation. They released an EP that can be found in all the usual internet locations. She did a song for Dembiak Productions that was used by a Children’s TV show, and a motorcycle advertisement. She has numerous other collaborations too.

Name - BC
Role(s) - Lead guitar player, guitar coordinator, and song rearranger
Where he grew up - Belgrade, Serbia
Current Residence - Belgrade, Serbia
Music Experiences - BC can play pretty much any style, but prefers rock. He played with “Ana Maria” which had 2 LPs and were quite successful in Europe back in the day. He played at the big venues and had TV spots and interviews. War came to his region and destroyed everything he had worked for. He has worked as a studio musician since, and says that if he hadn’t been a musician, he would be a Jedi knight (preferably Obi-Wan Kenobi)

Name - Enrique Palie (aka Kike Paglia)
Role(s) - Drummer
Where he grew up - Córdoba, Argentina
Current Residence - Córdoba, Argentina
Music Experiences - Kike has played rock and pop on the circuits as a career. He recorded and performed with the band “Medium” which toured South America in the 90s. It was renamed Kurosawa & Sus Kojones in 2004 when they recorded an album. In 2007 he joined Odoghan (pop and alt rock). He opened a recording studio and has recorded, mixed, and mastered 3 albums for them along with being their drummer. You can find out more in the Wikipedia under Odoghan.

Name - Jezzy Micheals
Role(s) - Bass Player
Where he grew up - Darwin, Australia
Current Residence - Fort Worth, Texas
Music Experiences - Jezzy just loves KISS, Cinderella, Poison, Gun n’ Roses and other similar bands, but don’t let that fool you. He can play anything with feeling. He is currently working on a solo release of all original music, and has previous experience in Australia playing for Out of Season, Sonic, and Wretchid Child

Name - Miguel Castellanos
Role(s) - Acoustic Guitar
Where he grew up - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Current Residence - Mason, Ohio (Cincinnati suburb)
Music Experiences - Miguel likes a broad range of music from pop, to Latin, to rock. He is also a proficient electric guitar player, bass player, and drummer. He played the local circuit back in the high school days, but kept playing on his own as life progressed into other things. He came back to music 7 or 8 years ago and did some work and collaboration with ChordSlinger n Lola. Then started a collaboration with Samantha Carlson that became Samantha & The Alchemist. They create all original music and released their first EP, Garden of Shadows in 2015. It can be found in all the usual internet locations.

Name - ChordSlinger (aka Don)
Role(s) - Keyboards, Songwriter, and Group Coordinator
Where he grew up - Cincinnati, Ohio
Current Residence - Suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio
Music Experiences - Don likes a lot of music styles ranging from Classical to New Age to new and old soft and hard Rock. He played piano and wrote original music at a very young age, and then spent his high schools years playing with the local bands. Life moved on. He was finally able to start being what he wanted to be when he grew up 8 years ago when he got back to his music. He wrote and released an instrumental album shortly thereafter that was meant for commercial use. Then, he started writing pseudo classical pieces that he mixed with hard rock, and the adventure was on. He heard Lola de Hanna’s voice one day and they both agreed the music and voice were a match. They have been writing music together ever since and have an EP out there that can be found on all the usual internet outlets. The iBand is the next frontier.

Official Website:  ReverbNation

Video showing each member performing in their remote locations as described in our Bio.