The Hackens Boys

May 24, 2021

The Hackens Boys are a high-energy six-piece group based out of the Shenandoah Valley in western Virginia. Through an eclectic range of influences their sound is rooted in Alternative Country, Modern Country, Classic Country, Red Dirt, and Rock.

With tracks highlighted by pinpoint three-part harmonies and heartfelt melodic storytelling, this unique brand of music lends itself well to a variety of audiences by bridging several genres. Members are Spencer Wenger, Brandon Williams, Daniel Barnett, Jake Stover, Casey Armstrong, and Tyler Thomas. 

2019 saw the release of their much anticipated 15-Song album “King of Wild”. This all-encompassing compilation showcases a collaborative effort and allows listeners to truly get a glimpse into heart and soul of The Hackens Boys. 

Since their inception in 2005, The Hackens Boys have grown from a camp fire jam session to an award-winning touring act throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The “Hackens” is a sacred landscape located in the mountains of Highland County Virginia where founding members discovered the inspiration embark on a musical journey that has spanned over a decade.

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Video Credits: Bryan Elijah Smith

The "I Need a Beer" video follows an individual, who at the end of a terrible day of getting fired from his record-store job and doing some soul-searching, finds his buddies and realizes what he needs to get him through this is... that sweet nectar of the gods... Beer.