The Ghibertins

June 14, 2021

A Milan based indie band that contains all the members’ contradictions
of completely different musical backgrounds such as: Father John Misty
Mumford & Sons, The National, Ben Harper, Pearl Jam.
In February 2015 the band entered the T.Rex Milan studio to record the first EP “Square The Circle”.
On October 23, 2015, the EP was released, followed by the first single "Round-Trip", which remains in the Italian iTunes’ TOP 10 chart for emerging artists for 5 weeks. Two more singles will be extracted from the EP: "Walk Away" and "Great Divide"
During 2016, the New Yorker magazine "Relix Magazine" includes the track "Facing a Loaded Gun" in its playlist of emerging artists, while the band enters the final of the Tour Music Fest, winning the Velvet Mag award.
With more than 30 songs to choose from, in September 2016, the group has willingness to go beyond the sound of the previous work. With this view, Alberto Turra, brilliant jazz guitarist/arranger is brought on board of the project. “The Less I Know The Better” was released in November 2017.
The album receives positive reviews among the most important national webzine/magazine and gains strong international support from BBC Radio, Clash Magazine, Konbini, Music Week, Noctis Mag , For Folk’s Sake and Pure Volume amongst others.
In 2018 in search of new challenges the bands start to work on the idea of a Concept Album while playing live throughout Italy and supporting artists like Xcerts & Fatherson.
In 2020 they enter BLAP studio with well-known and widely estimated Italian producer and sound engineer Ivan Antonio Rossi to record the concept album “The Life & Death of John Doe”

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The song is the first single taken from our forthcoming concept album. It will feature one song for every decade of our fictional character’s life, from his birth (Intro), to his death (Outro) Every song will represent a precise feeling, felt by the protagonist in a precise moment. This track (30/40 years) represents the protagonist’s downfall. It’s an angry and disorienting descent towards abandonment that reaches its catharsis inside the "special", written to resemble a requiem. The video represent every decade of life of the character.