September 13, 2020

Derived from the word Terra ("Earth" in Portuguese), we aim to spread quality music and a positive message to the world, which can be hard to find nowadays.

Third place winners on the category "outdoor" at the London Music Video Festival 2020.

Ellie, the singer/songwriter is from Brazil! Andrew and Danny, producer/sound engineer and pianist/composer, are from The Czech Republic.

As we were all exposed to different influences growing up, this mixture reflects directly on our sound and how we perceive music as a whole.

We cooperate with one of the main labels in the Czech Republic, Championship Music, through which we released our first singles Lovely (Remix), Mother Earth and Judge me.

On our first and third video clips, we had the pleasure of working with one of the best video makers in the Czech Republic, Jakoby Films.

We believe that through music we can positively connect to each other and to the world.

Video Credits: Jakub Mahdies

Is a "girly" woman more of a female than a "tomboyish" one? Is it acceptable that all women are expected to represent the same ideals, pursue the beauty myth and fit into the same ballerina box?

The answer is NO.

For decades on, women have been fighting their way out of what is expected from them to do or represent, regarding their role in the society and life as whole.

Watch this video for an insight on a woman's growing up experience, not fitting into the patterns expected from her and breaking out of the chains society tried to trap her with.

If you support the fact that Females are Sacred beings, capable of not only bringing new life to the world, but also of A N Y T H I N G they put their minds to, SUBSCRIBE to this channel and follow us on:

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