Stēvi M

May 03, 2021

Long Island native, classically trained singer turned pop recording artist, Stēvi M debuted her self-titled first solo album on January 22nd, 2021. Stēvi writes and sings songs that are empowering, uplifting, and hopeful, seeking to inspire self-love and confidence, especially in people that have been made to feel “less than.” Her songs speak of body positivity, determination, grit, resilience, and light-hearted joy.

Stēvi M’s journey to pop music was rather strange. Discovering theatre at a young age, she had aspirations of Broadway, but her classical training led her to pursue opera, which she did for almost a decade. Through a series of tribulations including decades of body shame, a battle with Crohn’s disease and a vocal injury, Stēvi began writing her own words and embracing the beauty of imperfection which lead her back to pop music, her first love.

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Video Credits: Stephanie Horowitz-Mulry and Shannon Schaper

Strut is a song about coming into your own power and finding your confidence despite being underestimated and disrespected in the past. It is a song of empowerment and sass. The retro vibe is reflected in the music as well as Stēvi's personal style. The bridge section features highlights from the #stayhomeandstrut challenge in the very early stages of the pandemic to raise awareness of social distancing. We hope this song makes you dance and feel invincible.