Soft Set

March 29, 2021

It all started in in the fall of 1993 when James Gray and Nathan Athay met each other for the first time at high school in Barrie, Ontario Canada. It didn’t take long in their friendship for them to realize that they had a lot in common especially when it came to their taste in music.
Nathan started playing drums in a local shoegaze, space rock band and James wasn’t far behind learning guitar and writing songs of his own. So much so, that James became the band’s backup guitar player whenever the main guitar player couldn’t make some of the shows.
The band only lasted a few years, but James and Nathan continued to work both separately in other projects as well as working together when they could.
Things really amped up in 2006 when James and Nathan were living in Toronto and part of an indie rock band recording their debut album at e5 studios downtown. During that time, James and Nathan learned a lot about the recording/production process which inspired them to the point that they continued to push themselves to eventually create what has now become Soft Set.
Drawing on influences from iconic artists that have inspired them on their musical path – The Stone Roses, Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, RIDE, Slowdive, Happy Mondays, Boo Radleys, Mercury Rev – it’s no surprise that Soft Set’s debut EP is a body of work that is sure to appeal to a broad audience. There’s definitely something for everyone on this upcoming release.
Fun fact… RIDE’s Mark Gardener mixed Soft Set’s debut at his studio in Oxfordshire, UK (OX4 Sound).

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Footage Edited by Heidi Athay

Nostalgic footage from old family vacations.