Sarah Christine

January 11, 2021


Colorado based up and coming singer-songwriter with proud Minneapolis roots, Sarah Christine draws influence from pop, indie, folk and electronic sounds to create a unique blend of original compositions.

With a strong passion for writing, composing, and producing, Sarah creates music you'll find yourself playing on repeat and adding to your playlists. Her voice and tone are one of a kind and are undeniably rare! Propelled by an innate desire to base her entire musical adventure and journey on the sole theme of “In It Together”, it is the humble sense of coming together to follow dreams as a community alongside extremely hard work that will help us all achieve our goals.

Sarah’s core story brings light into many stories and circumstances she’s overcame in her life that demonstrate strength, perseverance and bravery encouraging being bold and letting go which is intensified through so many of her lyrics. Overcoming being hit by a Ford F-150 truck while walking across a crosswalk, being one situation Sarah overcame just recently. A life changing moment.

Sarah was recently acknowledged as one of the most anticipated up and coming singer-songwriters by two multi Grammy winners on The Mood Boost Podcast.

“Every vision/dream starts with a decision to go for it and give everything you have! We are in the hustle of this musical journey together! I can’t thank you enough for all you are to my projects, lyrics, live performances, and everything that goes into making my music come alive. This is our adventure together. It takes a community, an army, and I’m so thankful you are in my corner with me. I am tremendously proud to be in yours! You are my lyrics - thank you - and it is a pleasure writing with and for you! Here’s to making dreams come true and always living on purpose, together!”

Love to all!
- SC

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to be subject to difficult decisions. Whether that is working through options for healthcare with the virus, to massive economic changes for you or your loved ones, there are thousands of tough decisions this has forced on us all. My choice was - my job. I juggled a corporate role for 13 years on top of making music, which came to a rapid halt in May when I was faced with a decision - keep my job but in order to do so I'd need to take on a new role as well as demote and layoff many of my staff, or, I go. I couldn't stomach putting my career above anyone else's and so, I signed my lay-off agreement and left a 13 year career to focus on reconnecting, refocusing and only putting energy into things that bring positivity into this world of ours that is hurting.


And, I made it. And, it feels incredible sleeping well knowing 13 years came to a close with doing, in my eyes, what was right. I'm so thankful for all accomplished in that career and for great relationships with my colleagues - I left with clarity, grace, and wishing the firm well. Scary AF given the music world is rapidly changing as well - but hey, we only live once - time to dive right in! :) Sometimes the universe will force you, when you've been too scared in the past, I found it dropped a load of courage onto my lap and said - jump girl, I got you. And so, I've also learned to trust and lean in. What choices have you had to make and overcome during the pandemic? We are in it together so please reach out if there's anything I can do for you to support you too! Sending all my love during these ever changing, uncertain times! - SC