August 23, 2020
Fans have enjoyed RYDYR’s voice for years. While touring across the world in the earlier stages of his music career, Cole picked up the knowledge that would influence the next chapter of his creative career. “The biggest thing I took away is that music is powerful. It unites everyone,” he says in a statement. “It saves lives like medicine. I learned how it can change people. I got a crash course in the industry. I also realized I didn’t need to filter myself; I needed to be authentic.”

After christening himself RYDYR, a respelling of his mother’s maiden name, Cole got to work. Throughout 2018 and 2019, he wrote the songs that would make up his forthcoming 2020 EP. It’s a project that promises to feature “bold and bright pop,” blending genres with “live instrumentation and unfiltered lyrics.” If the rest of the EP is as inspiring as “See You Around,” fans of RYDYR better stick around to see what else he has in store. (written by Jason Brow/ www.hollywoodlife.com/ 06.05.2020)  
To get to know more about pop artist RYDYR, visit https://www.rydyrofficial.com/.
Watch "See You Around" music video.


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