Ryan Hagan

September 27, 2020

Ryan Hagan is a Nashville-based recording artist and songwriter who, in less than 2 years, has garnered international attention and shattered music industry norms. As an emerging independent artist, he has been called the “up-and-coming pop music sensation” of 2020 by the LA Wire and “a name that listeners should watch out for” by NY Weekly. ABC News said, “Hagan is on the verge of international acclaim.”

His newest single, “Reset,” featuring Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer Bryan Todd (2220 Records), is set to release on 9/25 worldwide. His previous song, “You Deserve Better,” made radio in its first two weeks and began charting - a virtually unheard of feat for an indie in the music industry (Music Week). The record ran on the charts for approximately two uninterrupted months and climbed to #7 on three different charts (Commerical Pop Top 30, Upfront Top 30 & Black Music Top 20).

Extending his collaborative reach overseas to the U.K., Ryan released his debut remix EP to follow up “You Deserve Better” as a surprise to his fans. The project was comprised of an A-list “international dream team” with Charlie Hedges & Eddie Craig, Kingdom 93 and Routes. Ryan plans to tour Europe as soon as live music resumes.

Ryan also co-wrote and co-produced two of his earlier singles, of which “Jimmy Fallon” earned nearly a half-million streams in its first 6 months. “Come to You,” his debut single, continues to receive commercial sync and licensing placements.

Growing up, Ryan got his start singing in churches from an early age and is a self-taught pianist. He credits his spiritual upbringing and gospel influences for the soulful sounds ingrained in his voice. He enjoyed success as a nationally-acclaimed athlete before a career-ending series of injuries catapulted him into songwriting and performing pop music. When not singing or songwriting, Ryan enjoys fitness, traveling and sports.

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