Ron's Car

June 28, 2021

A BMW Z3 always sat in the parking lot of the breakfast restaurant in Cape Cod that Nathan Richer and Matt Michaud worked at. There was something reassuring about the vehicle’s loyalty to its parking space, a source of consistency in a world of inconsistency; it was Ron’s Car. 

Despite the not-so-profound band name, there’s something so sincere about this duo. Inspired by everything from modern pop-punk to classic rock and indie, from Avril Lavigne and Weezer to Childish Gambino and With Confidence, it’s hard to limit Ron’s Car to one genre. 

Their first single “Better For Me” combined a captivating pop-rock sound with earnest lyrics about having trouble sleeping, and it certainly spoke to listeners. As of May 2021, the song currently sits at over 24,000 streams on Spotify. 

The band’s newest release, an acoustic track titled “3am”, share similarities lyrically with their debut but introduces a softer, more chilled-out side of the artists. Whether they’re performing under Ron’s Car, Nathan and Matt, or The American Yams - yes, an actual band name they used for six years - there’s no doubt that these newcomers have something to share that’s worth hearing.

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Video Credits: Matthew Michaud and Nathan Richer 

The Official Music Video for Ron's Car's new single "3 am"