April 19, 2021

Amanda Smith aka Phreckle$ found her love for music at an early age. She started out playing a trumpet at 9 years old in her schools band, and excelled at it so much that by age 12 she performed in Carnegie Hall with the best instrumentalists in her age group. By age 13, she started going to punk shows, and at age 17 she was playing bass in 3 different punk bands. After her being introduced to rap by a close friend , a new lifestyle and young star ???? was born ; punk turned hip hop artist. Music became an escape for Amanda and helped her through experiencing adolescent bullying for having “freckles.” Through music, she found better ways to express her feelings, inner pain, and a stronger positive outlet. Because she was bullied for her red hair and freckles at such a young age, this struggle defines her image and unique style. She also found herself in an abusive relationship by age 16, and at 19 she was pregnant with a child from this abusive relationship.
Amanda aka Phreckle$ overcame Bullying, Addiction and Domestic violence to support herself and her daughter, then her modeling career took the forefront when she signed her first modeling contract at 22. At this time, music was pushed to the side, but was still her main passion, so as she traveled the world for modeling, she networked, created more music, and performed wherever she could. Working in fashion under her legal name Amanda Smith, Phreckle$ very quickly became a successful, internationally signed, fearless fashion model, working with top photographers, huge fashion brands, and magazines worldwide. She never let go of her dream of music and is now a rap artist and singer slash fashion model and designer, with a growing fan base from Los Angeles, to Paris, Morocco , Brazil, Chile, Germany , Italy , Mexico, India, and Canada

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It took a whole village to make this video possible, thankful for you all ???????? ::: ••Concept/creative director- Phreckles @iamphreckles ••Video- HB @hbshotit ••Editing- David Massie @tha_conclusion ••Makeup- Maureen Burke @maureenburkemakeup ••Styling- Cocoa Rigal @cocoarigal ••Stylist Assistant- Gabriela Piluk @gaberatti ••Hair- Moira Frazier @fingazbeauty ••BTS photography- Suelen Romani @suelen_romani ••prop stylists- Dornell Williams @i_can_get_u_fit & Cocoa Rigal @cocoarigal ••Song Produced By- Apollo V @jeejuh ••Songwriter- Phreckle$ @iamphreckles ••Song Mixed & Mastered by- Joseph Syring @characterofland

Phreckle$ opens up about her struggles with addiction, and what she put her family through. This video was released on her 5 year sobriety birthday

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