Perfect Mark

May 03, 2021

Perfect Mark is the musical project of italian singer songwriter Marco Perfetti. From the mountains of Tuscany, to the New York City skyscrapers, via Boston, Perfect Mark music is made of acoustic arrangements, rich dynamics vocals, and deep lyrics. After years of live shows and winning national competitions in Italy, marco embarks to the States after winning a scholarship for Berklee College of Music, and Perfect Mark was formed in 2012. After an alternative rock album, "Flesh & Voice", and countless national and international performances, Perfect Mark shifted towards a more intimate, acoustic, indie folk sound, with the powerful ballad "Bed of wawes", winner of the 2020 international acoustic music awards, in the "AAA/Alternative" category.

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Video Credits: Teodor Karakolev

Different images of the band playing live, and around the city of Boston