Michael Bushatz

February 15, 2021

Michael Bushatz is a singer/songwriter and rock vocalist from central Ohio; born in “the city of Kings” (Marion) of the same state. Michael began teaching himself guitar and piano by the age of 12 and evolved into playing piano and writing digital music on FL Studio. Spending most of his early career fronting bands and making guest appearances on tracks and albums, Michael Bushatz has recently begun bringing his own, solo-artistic visions into focus. “I had to stop lying to myself and thinking that just because other people shared the same goal that they had the same drive because I found myself getting disappointed over and over until I said ‘Enough.’ My music goals are important to me, and I had to realize that the only person that’s responsible for helping me realize MY goals is me; I failed a lot before, but that was MY fault, not again.” Michael began writing his first (official) solo album in December of 2020 with plans for release by Halloween 2021.

Official Website: https://www.reverbnation.com/michaelbushatz 

Video Credits: Produced by Jakob Mooney & New Rock Bottom

“Icarus” by Michael Bushatz/New Rock Bottom Studio Recording.
Recorded at Mooney Recordings.