Luke Potter

February 08, 2021

“The songs I write are like letters to myself,” is how Luke Potter describes his approach to music. “Sometimes I’ve just needed to tell myself that things will be alright, if I just let them be.”
Based in Bristol (UK) with footprints in London, Sweden, Orlando and LA, Luke’s a self-taught musician whose instinctive ear for melody sent 2017’s single Something More soaring past 18m Spotify plays and it’s still getting 30,000 streams every month.
Luke’s certainly packed a lot into the last few years, including a period in Orlando where he was managed by management legend Johnny Wright, who’d previously worked magic on the likes of NSYNC, the Jonas Brothers and Justin Timberlake, and who guided a couple of Luke’s early releases to US radio play. Then there was time in LA recording an album’s worth of songs with collaborator Bleu (Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Hanson), and several songs produced by Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac) at Village Recorders along with writing sessions in London, Canada and Sweden.
By 2017 Luke was on the verge of forming a band, when one afternoon he got a call: Sony (Sweden) had heard his song Something More. The Swedish connections continued when Luke wrote 'It’s Easy’ with legendary pop-smith Jörgen Elofsson. This has now had over 2 million streams and was followed in 2019 by 'Healing' that Luke produced too and was issued through Ultra.
Luke then moved on to work on a series of singles with LMG | Outfly in Gothenburg before making the decision at the end of 2020 to write and self- produce his own songs - all made in his Sweet Factory studio.
As well as finding reward in song writing, Luke’s big hope is that his songs connect with an audience who need their own reassurance in life. “A lot of my songs are for people who maybe don’t have everything figured out quite yet, but who can, hopefully, find something in my words and music”.

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Video Credits: Ross Dixon

“It may be uncomfortable to put out a song that shows raw emotion that you felt a few years ago, especially when you’ve moved on. But everyone is in a different place in his or her lives and this song couldn’t have been more real. The vocal was recorded moments after finishing a relationship that was supposed to have had a ‘happy ever after’ ending. All the feelings were true.

This is how it sounds when you know you’ve broken someone’s heart.”