Lazuli Shoals

May 24, 2021

After recording seven tracks on the Album "Creature" with Rare Elephant, I moved out of Seattle to get out of the city and find a closer connection to the back roads of Puget Sound. My vision was to help my folks in their elder years and get in touch with those roots. I was then very lucky to meet Linn Jennings, (Percussion) David Cordell, (Bass) and Mark Goldberg (keys) the other members of Lazuli Shoals. The songs I've written over the years are the focus of that 'roots' vision to share with anyone who will listen to my creations. It is 2021 the album Brooding has been a landmark debut album and we're working toward recording the next compilation. If you have the Will please have a listen. In any future events I will be performing live all of the songs I have written with the various groups I am lucky enough to play with. This includes any songs from previous bands including, Rare Elephant and a solo album I recorded in a home studio after graduating from the University of Idaho. Since the Twisted Plague of 2020 Lazuli Shoals has gone through some changes. Linn Jennings has stepped aside for family issues and we have asked Alan Silverstein to take his place. We are practicing up to start a new batch of songs for an up and coming album that will focus on Folkrock, Folkjazz, and Jazzblues.

All the Songs on this site were composed, written, and produced by Thomas Armstrong and were either recorded at Avast Studios with Rare Elephant, in 2011. Or they were recorded at Robert Lang Studios with Lazuli Shoals 2018. Thank You.

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