Laylow Staxx

May 31, 2021

My name is Laylow Staxx 28 year old independent artist from NJ
Just trying to take back my lifelong dream. I’ve had people doubt me my entire life and didn’t want me to do music. No matter what they tried they could never keep me away. After losing my father my sister and now my brother I’ve realized life doesn’t last forever and ever since I’ve been tackling me and my sisters dream as if tomorrow will never come. This is my passion and my purpose. So here I am going full force into the unknown. Spreading messages of hope and love throughout the world. Take this ride with me. This is a journey we will never forget.

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Video Credits: Raw Rob

This video here describes the pain that we as human beings go through when losing a loved one battling mental issues drug abuse just trying to hold on to keep fighting another day. If you are going though a hard time or have lost someone close to you I hope this helps.