Keira Moran

June 22, 2020

Keira got her start as a singer/songwriter at her 3rd grade piano concert in a Music & Arts store, where she debuted her hits “Halloween” and “Chicken Burrito.”  Even though these compositions received rave reviews from Keira’s parents and grandparents alike, she is happy to report that her songwriting career has only improved since then.

In June 2011, Keira won the International Smashtune Songwriting Contest for her song "When I'm With You." The grand prize was a trip to the Kauai Music Festival where she met her first songwriting role models, Jason Blume and Ralph Murphy. Keira's debut album "Wondergirl" was released in November, 2011.  She was subsequently voted "Favorite Part of First Night Alexandria" and was awarded the 2012 Miss Nova Music Award. In August 2012, Keira wrote the score for the short film "American Financial" which won multiple industry awards. Keira was a finalist in the 2013 "GrammyU Amplifier Center Stage Contest" and she is the winner of the Gannett/WUSA9 "18 in America" Songwriting Contest.

Born and raised outside of Washington D.C. in Alexandria, VA, Keira studied at the Frost School of Music. While enrolled, she was an apprentice of Graham Edwards (ASCAP Songwriter of the year, Grammy-nominated songwriter of "The Matrix”). This experience solidified her passion for “the business,” and Keira moved to Los Angeles after graduation in August 2017.

Currently Keira is writing songs for artists and producers around the world. She hopes to one day grow up to be Ryan Tedder.

Watch Keira's music video "All the Right Things"