Kate Angel

June 07, 2021

Kate Angel is quickly becoming a major driving force behind the new generation of rock blossoming in today’s diverse music culture. The talented young multi-instrumentalist, and alt-rock singer-songwriter was born in “The Live Music Capital of the World” of Austin, Tx.

Shortly after she turned seven years old, Kate was encouraged by her parents to pursue her naturally developing interests in the arts, enrolling her into piano lessons. Kate made steady progress, and she soon began singing lessons by age nine, which then led to guitar lessons only a year later.

“Music has always been something that was very natural to me because it’s something I’ve been learning and pursuing for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I really can’t think of anything else in life that motivates me more than music and songwriting.”

Over the years, Kate has drawn a lot of her own musical influence from rock acts like Paramore, Evanescence, Heart, and Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks. But it was Fergie’s hit song “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” along with a supportive network of other musicians and mentors which drew the ambitious young songstress to writing her first original song in 2014 at age 10. Aptly named ”Right In Front Of You,” the song came straight from her heart about a friendship that never dies, and was an immediate testament that Kate’s lyrics and overall style of music embodies the soul of rock n’ roll, but with a modern 21st century alt-rock influence too.

“Encouraged by my first vocal coach, I wrote “Right In Front Of You” using a simple melody I had been humming throughout that week,” Kate recalled.

Only four years later in 2018 Kate was invited to give her first solo performance to the public at Roots Bistro and Bar in Georgetown, Texas, where she played for nearly three hours. That show inevitably spawned into more opportunities for her to perform around Austin in live settings. Since 2017, she’s given nearly 60 performances at venues like ACL 3 Ten, Unofficial SXSW, Houston Rodeo, Round Rock Chalk Walk, and the Georgetown Red Poppy Festival.

Evident of her growing talent, Kate has quickly become a growing presence in Austin’s burgeoning new wave and alt-rock music scene over the last few years. She has been the front woman and primary creative driving force for several rock bands since 2013, including American Girl, Zero Gravity, Crashing Cali, 3 Weeks To Go, Visionaries, and currently, Atomic Summer.

“Being involved with each of those bands helped expose me to different sounds and creative processes, which in turn drove me to write even more original songs,” Kate elaborated.

“Trust” was the first song she ever officially recorded, cutting that track at 512 Studios in 2019, and debuting the song on 512 Studios LIVE, a local TV show broadcasted on Austin’s CW Network. It was becoming pretty evident the direction in which her life was headed; either into the studio or on a stage somewhere.

“I have always enjoyed performing before a LIVE audience because it energizes me,” she continued. “It’s a thrill I can’t fully explain, but I love to connect with my audience by telling stories through music, which allows my audience to have their own interpretations, based on their own life experiences.”

Over the last few years, Kate has steadily shown a natural progress and ambition to virtually everything she has been exposed to. Beyond being a skilled player of acoustic and electric guitar, she broadened her musical talent by exploring elements of the ukulele, and bass guitar, but it hasn’t stopped there. She’s also begun producing her own music in the studio, along with drawing and designing much of the imagery and graphics that accompany her song projects.

In 2020, Kate also added impresario to her growing list of accolades, launching Rock Out Hunger, a charity concert event in collaboration with Gracies Canned Goods and held at Roots Bistro and Bar in Georgetown, Texas. She recruited four other bands from the area, had KGTN radio cover the event live, and raised over $2,700 and more than 154 pounds of food donations which benefitted Hill Country Community Ministries.

“COVID has put a delay in our 2021 event, but the goal is to make Rock Out Hunger an annual event around Austin,” she said. “But it will definitely be back soon!”

Also in 2020, Kate released her own self-written four song EP, Wrong Era, which was co-produced with Brent Meyer, Music Director and Performer of Strangelove - The Depeche Mode Experience. Her EP included New Generation Rock songs “Robotic Rose”, “Sweet Revenge”, “Wrong Era”, and “Won’t Let Rock Go".” The collection of songs affirmed her musical influences and her growing understanding of musical instrumentation and production.

Kate has already begun working on a new EP with new material after having been discovered by PCG Artist Development & Blue October bassist Matt Noveskey, who has been working with the up-and-coming songstress in his famed Orb Recording Studios in Austin. The new songs will lean a little more heavy than her previous releases, as she continues to evolve as a singer-songwriter.

“I want my listeners to be energized, excited, and to come away with their own interpretation of my songs. I want them to believe it’s ok to express themselves, and to have the confidence to be who they are. Especially in today’s world. My goal is for my music to help inspire people to communicate with each other, and to learn more about each other through music.”

Official Website: www.kateangelmusic.com 

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Video Credits: J.B. Lawrence

H20 focuses on overcoming a toxic relationship. The lyric "The Water Has Memories" represents all the good and bad flashbacks within the relationship. In the video, I am running through the woods, trying to run away from the bad moments and wanted to be free. I was in denial. The scene of me drowning in the water referenced me being naive. I lost myself along the way and "Drowned in H20". I realized I couldn't save my ex from his challenges he faced. It broke my heart, but I learned and grew from this experience. The music box he gave me sunk to the bottom of the abyss. It represents how heavy my emotions were. Towards the end, I'm sitting in my royal throne of wisdom and strength. It made me the person I am today.