Jordan Massey

January 11, 2021

Jordan Massey (/Mass:ey/; born July 9, 1997) is a Canadian born pop musician, actor and singer-songwriter. Jordan Massey Is A Young Artist On The Rise. Currently Residing In Alabama And Successfully Touring Across The Southern States With His Pop Styles, Jordan Is Out To Make A Name For Himself. His Pop Infused R&B Dance Music Is Filled With Addictive Choruses Meant To Stick In Your Head For Days With Phrases Of Wonderment And Love Gone Right , Gone Wrong , Repeat.

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Video Credits: Jordan Massey/MediabyMarvin

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Heartless (NSA)
Written by Jordan Massey

Directed by: Jordan Massey

Himself: Jordan Massey

Production and Editing:

Choreography: Lyrik London