Jon Harrison Taylor

July 19, 2021

He was born from the gritty sounds of Stax records. He was potty trained by the Blues and baby sat by 70's Soul. Classic Rock rolled his first joint and 90's Alt-Rock got him laid. He is the greatest Jon Harrison Taylor in the world.

Jon Harrison Taylor is a Los Angeles rock and soul artist by way of Austin, Texas. Taylor is the youngest son of rhythm and blues STAX icon Johnnie Taylor (1968’s monster R&B smash "Who's Makin' Love?”, 1976 COLUMBIA hit "Disco Lady", among others). JHT has taken his father's influence and bred it with his own musical vision to create a unique sound. "I grew up as a backstage baby. " Taylor recalls. "The Jacksons opened for my father. I saw people like Prince live very early on... not to mention the many, many Johnnie Taylor shows I witnessed...those initial musical energies had a profound effect on me." After moving to Los Angeles, Taylor spent much of his time traveling the world as a lead guitarist with Robin Thicke. JHT also played shows across the U.S., Europe and Asia with major label artists. He has appeared on Ellen, Soul Train, Top of the Pops, MTV Italy, and more. JHT has released several independent albums of his work. His latest single is the David Bowie influenced,  "The Deepest Sea Of Blue".  

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Jon Harrison Taylor -  The Deepest Sea Of Blue (Official Video)