Hilary Roberts

August 23, 2020

Hilary “The Songbird” Roberts has a story of unimaginable troubles, traumatic circumstances, survival, and redemption. When her life was upside- down and disease-ridden, Hilary turned to music to survive. With the support of some close friends, she was connected to help, and eventually given the tools to explore a music career, which ultimately saved her life. Hilary now dedicates her life to paying this deed forward; trying to help those in need, spread her message, help save lives, and ultimately make a positive impact on society through her music, her philanthropy (The Red Songbird), her docuseries (“Red Songbird Speaks”) and her podcast (“Let The Journey Begin”).

The Red Songbird Foundation, started in 2009 by Hilary Roberts, aims to help survivors of trauma caused by sexual, physical, and verbal abuse, by providing counselling, assisting members to enter treatment, and by integrating members into support groups that specifically address their primary issues. Already having saved dozens of lives, it is their mission to continue their work and raise awareness in efforts to save more lives. It’s Hilary’s greatest wish to know that people have already been healed and continue to receive treatment in their journey to recovery, and that there are a lot more who will get the help they need as the awareness of the foundation grows. For more information please visit Redsongbird.org.

For more info about Hillary, including links to socials visit https://hilaryroberts.com/


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