Glass Eye

March 29, 2021

New York born musician Febian Perez has been on a journey to fulfillment. His passion for music sparked at the tender age of 11 when he began teaching himself how to play bass as a way to, in his words, “cope with being a recluse”. He shares, “I found that music and films were just the perfect escape, where for a moment, I could lose myself completely and explore the realms of the unknown.”

From there he started experimenting with a guitar, atonally strumming while watching silent films and basically creating his own darkly maddening soundtrack to whatever he watched. This quickly led to learning theory and the foundations of music. Over the years Perez honed his artistic voice and became a multi-instrumentalist, proficient on the bass, guitar, drums, keys and as a vocalist. He started properly gigging at just 16-years-old and as an adult led a nomadic life following music wherever it took him, playing in various solo and group projects and also began to cut his teeth in the engineering industry in his early 20’s.

In 2020 Perez took his talents and East Coast hustle to Los Angeles, seeking out a place he could call home that provided an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded musicians. He explained, “After spending countless years drifting across the continental US, I’ve never truly felt that I’ve had a home… A place where I could dive in and sonically experiment with others who burn with the same flame.”

The transition inspired a new project that pulled from his eclectic artistic influences - from music icons like Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Nirvana, Radiohead, Queen and Elton John to filmmakers like Tarkovsky and Kubrick. The creativity funneled into a rock and roll persona he adapted under the moniker of Glass Eye. The name that came to Perez in a recurring dream where he’s “surrounded by ornate walls of gold. In their center are vibrant human eyes. They would whisper to me, revealing mystical secrets to me in my dream state, which are always promptly forgotten by the time I wake up. I still have this dream every few months.”

In 2020 Perez wrote and recorded what would come to be his debut as Glass Eye, a 8-track album entitled ‘SOMEWHERE, NOWHERE’. According to him the process was slow and somewhat methodical, but enlightening. When asked about how he would describe the project, Perez mused, “Transitionary, Impactful and Enigmatic. It’s a moment in time for me, of which I’ve long since outgrown but it’s familiar and is in essence, the building blocks to how I would develop my sound, in whatever direction I please.”

Glass Eye’s debut album ‘SOMEWHERE, NOWHERE’ releases worldwide on June 10, 2021 on TDP Incorporated. Keep an eye out for eye-catching singles, kaleidoscopic music videos, and a striking limited edition vinyl release to come.

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Directed & Edited by GLASS EYE

'Do You Adore' is the first single off our debut album 'Somewhere, Nowhere' out June 10, 2021 on TDP Inc.!