February 01, 2021

Dreamy vocals, alienated lyrics, hypnotic grooves, guitar loops and climaxing conclusions of sound equals fantasy indie music of GelaX. Combining the familiar sounds with a darker twist into genre-bending alien territories, to keep you on your toes.
GelaX's venture started in Toronto, Canada in 2016 as a due between Gelareh and Tareq after fleeing their dictatorship countries from persecution to pursue music and find a new beginning. Born after a connection on existential issues, where Gelareh escaped an oppressive Iranian regime that prosecuted female singers, & Tareq’s sexuality being punishable in his middle-eastern home ( A Palestinian immigrant in Saudi Arabia), the duo started their explorations of sound with no pre written formulas or expectations, using their passion as an outlet to fuel their songs of protest against oppression, discrimination and cultural shackles.
After being accepted to Canadian Music Week Festival, opening for MXMS, and getting featured on CBC’s In the key of C, they're ready to release “Dreamonic”
a genre-bending, fantasy dream pop/rock debut EP which is unapologetic & experimental as it is accessible and familiar. 
Produced by Juno award winner Timothy Abraham (Liela Biali, Royalwood), it explores themes of what it means to be human, infinite time, pursuit of happiness & misogyny all while staying in an escapist’s fantasy land.

Their first single & music video “Life” garnered them organic attention of college radios (CFRU 93.3, CJLX 91.3, Hamilton 96.9) & reporter Adam Carter from CBC.
While “Mr Square” video was hailed by Tinnitist blog as a surreal feast for the eyes, outside of the patriarchal box.
The song was based on singer Gelareh’s own harassment through her work experiences & chauvinistic, power-ego men.

Influenced by Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Patrick Watson, Massive attack and plenty more, their sound is ever changing & morphing, combining elements of electro with pulsing bass, looped textural guitars and warm vocals.
Currently joined by bassist Jason Pilling & drummer Joaquim Landry, they’ve been working remotely since Covid on a full length record in retaliation to the current status quo and events. expect the unexpected. 

Official Website: 
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Director : Amir-Hassan Asgari, Farzad Seraji, Gelareh Keyvani. Video Editor: Gelareh Keyvani

Dedicated to all douche-bag, chauvinistic, egotistical, condescending, power-hungry, greedy men, hiding behind empty gestures and fake promises to the women they attempt to deceive. The song was born out of the singer's harassment and degrading experiences she witnessed during her interactions with authoritive and abusive men in power in her home country Iran, under a repressive regime where women are forbidden to make major decisions on their own without a male guardian or demand justice for abusive male partners.

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