Gabby Neeley

April 26, 2021

I am an eighteen year old Pop/R&B singer-songwriter from Orange County. I have been musically inclined my whole life- starting with piano lessons at eight, vocal training at ten, songwriting co-writes at eleven after being scouted at a singing competition, and thereafter began my live performing career playing my first gig in a band when I was twelve. Though the all-girl band didn't last, I continued following my passion in solo performance. Now, I've played numerous venues in Southern California including The House of Blues Anaheim, Copper Blues Live, Orange/LA County Fairs, Surf City Nights, Bru Grill & Market, etc. singing and playing the keys. To date my largest crowd was a non-instrumental occasion, singing the National Anthem for the thousand of baseball fans at the Angels Stadium stadium when I was seventeen. Honestly, I think most musician's inspirations come from the greats that had the most success a decade+ ago, but for me, i grew up in an odd generation in that i'm still surrounded by my biggest inspirations that flood the music scene today. H.E.R., Julia Michaels, and Ariana Grande are a few of my biggest inspirations that i still look up to today because of their unmatched songwriting coupled with their voices and production skills. After testing out of high school after Junior year to do music full time, I began working on my first singles that released in the beginning of quarantine .. *funny how that's used to cite a specific point in time we can all recognize in seconds. Now, I'm teaching piano & vocal lessons + songwriting coaching while finishing up my EP - 'Coping' that will be out mid-May.

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