July 20, 2020

Hailing from Bologna, Italy, the musician, singer and record producer ELYAZ (ee-lie-as) – real name Mauro Elias Morone – was born into a musical family in 1993, as his father is the revered fingerstyle guitarist, Franco Morone. He learned to sing, play guitar and piano, which lead him to discover his real passion of producing and creating his own music.

ELYAZ studied Sound Engineering at the Italian National Academy of Cinema, in Bologna and is also a holder of the International Professional Certificate Program in Film & Television, from UCLA, Los Angeles. As an artist, he then made the decision to trust his own instincts and fully empower himself producing and studying sound design on his own tracks, further allowing creative control and artistic freedom.

ELYAZ started to work as a DJ/Producer with his first tracks and remixes being released in 2016 through the DFC record label. Subsequently, ELYAZ‘s single ‘Whispers‘ secured a Top 10 spot in the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool, He released ‘Break the Distance’ in 2018 opening a new chapter in his story and production style, performing in the official video for the first time.

ELYAZ is aiming big with many other projects in the pipeline, following his creative path through his passion and own style.

Website: https://elyazmusic.com/

Music Link: https://elyaz.co/WILD

Watch the music video "Wildlands" by ELYAZ


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