Echo 2 Locate

September 13, 2020

I thought about writing this in third person but then I thought that it would be better for you to learn who we are from us. We are Echo 2 Locate. We strive to bring you something that you haven’t felt before. Made up of five musicians coming from different musical backgrounds, we believe that we make a unique sound and image among the rock scene. Our ultimate goal is to help people with our music in the way that music has helped us through the struggles in our own lives. We believe in our team and are dedicated to making the world a better place with the only true way we know how. Through music. After our long journey of figuring out what we wanted to be, how we wanted to be and with who we wanted to be with, we finally had a realization that the more we try to be what we “wanted” the less we were ourselves. So what did we do? We started from scratch and decided we were going to make our first album and we would allow the bumps and falls to come our way with no objection. We decided to just keep getting back up until it was not only finished, but it was actually a sound that we could call us. A piece of work, a group of people, and a family we could call Echo 2 Locate and officially show the world what we have to offer. Our first full length album titled “Misery & Fools Among the Best of Us” is now out on all platforms!

Echo 2 Locate - "Oxy"

Video Credits:

Oxy - Echo 2 Locate  ©2020 Echo 2 Locate  Recorded at Wynn Studios, LLC. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Brian Wynn Vocal Production by Chris Davis and Brian Wynn Video filmed and edited by: Jack Rottier

The world is overwhelming, our minds are spinning , what do we say and how do we act. We can't be like them because they are wrong to you but we can't be like you because you are wrong to them. Let people be who they want in this world as long as they don't hurt anybody else. Anger is taught and learned. We are not born to hate but we are born to love not only each other but ourselves. Why is it that when we grow up our end goal is to wipe away the effects of our environment that we live in to learn who we really are. We may be trying to hard or not trying at all. Is true acceptance even possible in this state of the world? The only way we'll know is to try for ourselves. It's time to realize that the world can not break us , we can only break ourselves. So here's to the Misery that resides around us and to the fools among everyone of our heads. You are the worst parts of us that make us know our best.

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