Cheyenne Reynolds

June 08, 2020

"I have been singing since before I could talk but at 16 I started entering talent contests and singing karaoke, I began getting 1st place in several and at 18 I started guitar lessons where I then started writing my own music and songs I fell in love with the whole process and decided to make this a career, I started recording and releasing my music and collaborating with friends of mine In our small town. We started shooting music videos etc... then last year ( my first year being a recording artist ) I was nominated for 4 awards at the Josie Music Awards ( the largest independent award show). I am now being streamed in over 68 countries, I have been Top 50 Pop Artist in the nation on Reverberation charts 2 times this week and I was Top 20 in the nation last year and Top 50 globally."  ~ Cheyenne Reynolds

Watch Cheyenne's music video "Echoes"


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