Cheyenne Benton

August 16, 2020

Brimming with bubblegum angst, Cheyenne Benton breathes lyrical fire into the world of atmospheric indie pop.

With sincere, defiant lyrics, Benton creates an infectious wonderland of retro nostalgia and futuristic instrumentation. Both her explosive melodies and transparent storytelling are heavily influenced by years performing in musical theatre.

Benton’s themes range from the confusion of human emotion, to heartbreak, to gender roles.

Influenced by female powerhouses such as Lorde, Lights, and Kesha, Cheyenne Benton affirms the beauty of individuality, encouraging young women to “own who you are. You are allowed to take up space in any way you want.”

Benton released her debut EP in December 2017. Her single “My Heart” was nominated as a semi-finalist in the 2018 International Songwriting Competition.

Fierce, yet hauntingly celestial, Cheyenne Benton brings a lush, sweet-girl-gone-sinister flair to the indie pop scene, more sure of herself than ever. And she won’t apologize.

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Check out featured music videos "In My Head" & "Paris" from Cheyenne Benton.


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