Chavar Dontae

July 12, 2021

Chavar Dontae, is an American singer, songwriter and multi-talented musician. Dontae, is a true artist from the Midwest whose juxtaposition of pop, soul, rock and indie electronic music is conscious of introducing audiences to real life scenarios of struggle and triumph. Growing up in Saginaw, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio, Chavar was exposed to many genres of music early in life that would later be synthesized into his own unique style. Chavar earned a B.M. in guitar performance from Bowling Green State University. Dontae has played support for Mike Posner, Vinyl Theater, Marc Rebillet and recently played the #iVoted Festival along side Billie Elish, Taking Back Sunday, Young the Giant, T.I. and more top artists. In addition, Dontae has also collaborated with other artists and record labels on a number of songs. Currently, he is recording a project in Los Angeles and in his home studio in Toledo, Ohio.

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Video Credits: Nathan Elias

The film is based on the EP "indiesoulrocknroll:about a girl from westland"  by recording artist Chavar Dontae. The film is centered around the song "On My Way" from the EP and features a remix version of the song as well as Dontae's power ballad, "Don't Leave". 

On My Way is an independent art film that blends elements of narrative cinema, traditional music videos, and avant-garde filmmaking. The film portrays an artist who sacrifices a loving relationship in order to pursue his passion.  After he returns home, he struggles to cope with the memories of his ex-lover when he sees her with another man. 

On My Way addresses the difficulty of saying goodbye and moving on with life, a theme shared with Dontae's EP. "Indiesoulrocknroll:about a girl from westland" tells a story about lost love while holding on to a positive outlook on life, sometimes with a devil-may-care attitude, which Dontae expresses as a necessity for walking away from heartbreak with style.