Benny Clough

March 29, 2021

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland Benny Clough grew up listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, Pink Floyd, and many more of the classic era which highly influenced Cloughs solo career with his first full length album release “Aria Of Fire”. Clough graduated from Goucher College in Towson, Maryland with a degree in Music Composition and Voice Performance striving to better understand music and what it takes to break in the music industry. With his full length rock/folk inspired record “Aria of Fire”, Clough is pushing bounds to include his childhood influences with a modern rock take. “Benny Clough is one of the most motivated artists we’ve met to better himself and his sound. We’re so excited for everyone to see what he puts out in 2021 because there's no stopping this guy” - IXIPRODUCTION

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Video Credits: Tim Burton

The music video for "Night Shift" which is the leading single of my upcoming album "Aria Of Fire" which will be released on St. Patrick's Day, 2021.