Ben Strange

April 12, 2021

Photo credit: Paul Strange

Ben Strange studied Music and Sound Recording at the University of York in the UK before launching his solo career. He writes his own music, plays all instruments and records using just a laptop, a couple of guitars and a single Shure SM57 microphone. His music is a testament to the lush soundscapes and high production values that can be achieved by independent musicians. To date Ben has released four tracks on Spotify, gaining 6000 streams in just a few weeks. His latest single 'Blue Lip'  was released in March 2021. His music has been broadcast on BBC Radio Introducing, Amazing Radio US/UK and several independent UK radio stations. His track Make Believe recently gained a number one spot for upcoming artists on Banks Radio Australia.

Official Website: 

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Check out "Blue Lip" by Ben Strange playing on indieartst radio.