July 12, 2021

Beemo is an Americana band from
Orlando, Fl. Their music is a sweet, sweet blend of indie-rock, alt-country, bluegrass and Celtic folk. 
The band features lead vocalist
Dan Harshbarger, lead guitarist 
Sean Quinn, Matt Juliano on
Mandolin, percussion from Justin
JB Braun and bassist Tony Mickle.
Drawing inspiration from The Avett Brothers, Flogging Molly, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and the Athens, GA sound of REM, their debut album “Bustin’ Out” is a collection of uplifting and highly danceable songs about hope, love, loss and the strength to carry on. 

Beemo is spinning on 80+ stations nationwide and recently secured licensing deals with Nascar, Discovery Channel, and Bill Nye Saves the World.

They have toured throughout Florida and in Texas, performing at House of Blues Orlando, The Plaza Live, Ace Cafe and SXSW.

“The most driven band that we deal with...always working, promoting to get that next BIG gig. We really admire the hustle.' -Tom And Dan Show -104.1 FM WTKS Orlando

Official Website: 

Spotify Music | Soundcloud 

Video Credits: Antoine Hart/Ryan Fusco/Beemo

The music video for the song Nova chronicles Beemo’s lead singer Dan H. as he searches for missing band members in his classic Chevy Nova. Cruising through the historic small town of Sanford, FL, Dan manages to round up each member just in time for a performance on a friends porch. Be on the lookout out for a tiny Gnome, a toy car and a groovy percussionist riding a bicycle.

The video was entirely self produced  by Beemo with the help of Antoine Hart, Ryan Fusco, Justin Whittingham and Zac Mickle. It was released to promote Beemo’s performance at the 2021 Sanford Porchfest.