Arda & the Stolen Moon

May 03, 2021

The band showcases the talent of singer/songwriter Arda who spent a few years cutting her teeth and honing her craft at London's small club circuit. On her return to to the island of Cyprus, her native place, feeling ready to take the next step, she hooked up with producer Robert Camassa and released her debut "Minutes Into Years" to favourable reviews. The same team, including guitarist Socrates "The Doctor" Leptos, hit the studio to produce the sophomore album "Outsider in Perpetual Motion" slated for release on the 28th of May 2021 on all platforms as well as vinyl, CD and cassette. Arda has a knack for great hooks and memorable melodies and her lyrics range from visceral to poetic, unafraid to tackle subject matter that other artists tend to shy away from. The band prefers organic music, real musicians playing real instruments making their live shows special events.

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Video Credits: Robert Camassa

First video single from forthcoming album "Outsider in Perpetual Motion" viscerally humorous take on the pitfalls of todays technology.