Annika Bellamy

October 18, 2020

Hey I'm Annika! Born & raised in Las Vegas, NV., now living in Long Beach, CA. I'm Dutch / Indonesian on my mom's side and European Spanish on my dad's side.
I'm not the only musically inclined person in my family. My Uncle Tony Bellamy was in the 70's band Redbone, and co-wrote the hit song "Come and Get Your Love".I just finished my first all Spanish Reggaeton song & Music Video called "Olvidarte" and a R&B song called "Psycho". "Olvidarte" is live & "Psycho" will be released Oct 20. Both are about my life experiences. I generally write my own lyrics and melodies but also collaborate with others. I have 3 more songs I will be releasing soon. I also have other releases you can see on my website or Spotify.

Video Credits: Produced by Josh Sikkema. Cinematography Mike Jennings.  Song Produced by Jayden Panesso.

Once I moved here to Long Beach, CA I became immersed in the Spanish culture and more in touch with my Spanish roots on my fathers side. Once I was introduced to Reggaetòn music and the 808 beat I was so moved to write and sing my first Spanish love song. "Olvidarte" is the result. I am so proud of this song! And working with Jayden Panesso on this project was a total blessing. He is not only an amazing composer & producer, but he also made sure that my Spanish was on point! We spent 8 hours a day for a week straight in an AirBNB writing and composing this fresh very sexy Reggaeton love song about wanting someone that you know is bad for you and finding the strength to let him go.

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