Anna Wolf

March 15, 2021

Photo cred: Paul Harries

Anna Wolf is an artist not easily forgotten. A performer, with a performance, that will stay with you long after she steps off the stage. Anna Wolf creates alternative pop for the music snob, forcefully performed to stamp her into audiences’ memory. She is a seductive, dark and vulnerable artist that will hypnotise you on a journey of self-discovery, leaving you with a feeling of being heard.

In 2019, Unsigned Only ( announced Anna Wolf as the Grand Prize Winner for her track, “Believer” in Nashville Tennessee. For the first time in Unsigned Only’s history, the grand prize was awarded to a South African artist. The judging panel is an illustrious collection of global, award-winning, multi-platinum selling musicians and industry executives, this year including the likes of Robert Smith (The Cure) and Aimee Mann. They collectively described Anna Wolf as “truly a compelling and rare artist…a performer with passion and style, a singer with haunting beautiful vocals, and a songwriter with depth and vulnerability… one of the most magnetic and inspiring artists we have ever come across”.

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Video Credits: Directed: Anna Wolf Produced: Anna Wolf Cinematographer: Paul Fuller Editor: Anna Wolf Assistant Editor & Grading: Jay Loots Makeup & Hair: Joanne Menon

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