October 04, 2020

Meet the leader/artist and young CEO of 19rose8, 21-year-old Dany aka 1NIGHTINPARIS. Now completing his 5th studio album “A legend is born”. It stands as both a testimony to how far he and his team have come since the early start of the team in 2014, as well as a declaration of how far he plans to take his ambition and vision for success in the near future. Dany is more than just an artist. He is a visionary, a businessman, and the creator of the 19rose8 brand. A leader of an incredibly talented, hand-picked team of producers, songwriters, and creatives around the world. Inspired by only the greatest to have come before him.

1NIGHTINPARIS - Alive in the Darkness

Directed by Joe Staehly, Produced by Yanni Rozes

The video is a story about a scientist called Bob Lazar, who worked in Area 51 and told his story later to media.

Alive in the Darkness is available for purchase on Apple Music.