Sacred Cowboys - "It's A Beautiful Day"

January 28, 2021 - 218 views

Video Credits: Peter Spirer, Ralph Stevens & W. Earl Brown

Official video for the Sacred Cowboys' single, "It's A Beautiful Day" Shoot in one take by the Sacred Cowboys, sit back and enjoy.

SACRED COWBOYS was birthed from a love of Country, Bluegrass, Gospel and Blues. The seed was planted when a group of friends sat around playing songs at parties and BBQs. It began in 2003 and grew from backyards, to barrooms, to theaters, to Southern California’s Stagecoach Festival in 2009. With the momentum of their rousing festival performance behind them… the band took a long hiatus. The combination of individual careers and schedules proved too daunting to overcome at the time, so the Cowboys were put out to pasture.

Their friendships never ended though. In 2018 that same core group got together, invited some new friends along, and realized there was still a lot of music left in them. Sacred Cowboys ride again.

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