Nick Isham - "Alone Tonight"

August 01, 2020 - 124 views

Video Credits: Director: Lexington Isham Producer: Donna Isham and Nick Isham Editor: Lexington Isham Actors: Dave Williams, Jack Williams & Wyni Landry  Song Written and Produced by: Nick Isham

“Alone Tonight is a song I wrote for someone who was no longer in my life. I really wanted to express the longing and hurt that I felt while alone in my room without that person around anymore - because if you’ve been there before, you know how empty of a feeling that can be… For those of you who have lost someone, whether they are simply no longer in your life like they used to be, or they have moved on to a better place, this song is for you and whoever it is you lost. We made this music video/ short film as an ode to those who we have lost.  And as a reminder to be present and grateful for those who we still have around us.” — Nick mentions.

“For me, family always comes first. And with this short film we wanted to show how important family is (whether blood-related or not), and how important it is to be there for the one’s you love. I am a big advocate against drug and alcohol abuse, so I wanted to bring awareness to the problems that excessive drug and alcohol use can cause.”


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