Johnnie Mikel - "Revolution"

November 01, 2020 - 298 views

DIRECTOR:  Andy Tedder

LABEL: 11th Hour Music, LLC

After defeating COVID-19 in September, Johnnie Mikel’s new video has a message: VOTE.
Accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, and performer Johnnie Mikel – who has earned multiple spots on the Billboard Charts as an independent artist - premiered the stunning new video for his recent single “Revolution” on Friday, October 9 at 9:00pm EDT on his official YouTube channel. The anthemic new single has become a catalyst for change for a large and diverse group of change-makers, fighting for a more united and just society. 

In its premiere of the single, Popdose wrote, “As protests continue coast-to-coast and the nation prepares for the most intense election in generations, we could all use a good pick-me-up, rallying cry, and fight song. Johnnie Mikel delivers all of that and more with his latest single, ‘Revolution.’”
Serving as the 2nd single for his upcoming album Purgatory, Mikel hopes “Revolution” starts a healthy conversation that educates listeners and ultimately help voters organize to create a government that saves lives and represents the best of humanity.
“‘Revolution’ is about brining people together, standing for what is right, and shaping our world for a better and safer future,” said Johnnie Mikel. “Between healthcare, education, women’s rights, racial equity, gun violence prevention, and pursuing climate justice, there is a lot on the ballot. It is up to us to build a society that grants equal rights and respect to all.”
In the age of COVID-19, this message is more important than ever. 
Reflecting on his own experience battling and defeating COVID-19, Mikel stated, “As an artist who has both had the Coronavirus and seen it take the lives and livelihoods of several people in my community, it’s important that we follow the facts and listen to science, and elect leaders who will do the same. In the end, this is a matter of empathy and preventing additional deaths and further suppression of truth.”


Purgatory is the follow up to Mikel’s 2018’s electronic, soulful dance pop debut EP Night of Your LifePoparazzi said, “the EP’s electronic/pop production wonderfully captures the message of living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it through music. Mikel’s lyrics are cleverly inspired by the pop artists he clearly adores, and his lyrical delivery is equally on point.” Of the EP’s track “Friday Night” Popdust said, "Glitter synths vibrating through an R&B-splashed arrangement, mingling with brassy horns and a dive-bar groove." 

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About Jonnie Mikel:
Originally from Kentucky, Johnnie got his first big dose of culture when his family picked up and moved to New York City. Immediately exposed to an influx of art, music, and fashion, the city quickly taught him that being yourself is a good thing. “It’s the first time I saw the world for what it really is,” he says of his time in New York.


When Johnnie was 11 years old, he started a blog where he was able to tell stories that detailed what he was experiencing and absorbing from living in Manhattan. What started as a simple platform to stay in touch with family and friends back home soon turned into thousands of monthly viewers. He was a shy kid, but storytelling allowed him to open up. A few years later when he finally got his hands on a guitar, something clicked. He could use the guitar, his writing skills, and his voice to create his musical truth. A move to Nashville followed where he took the lessons from New York and began implementing them into gorgeous songs.


Constantly traveling between Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York, Johnnie has worked with industry legends such as James Michael, Tommy Lee, Damon Sharpe, Lindy Robbins, Lauren Christy, Pam Sheyne, The Ready Set, and Nash Overstreet, to name a few. Along with writing and recording with multi-platinum producers and songwriters, he’s also opened for numerous major touring artists to crowds of thousands, crossing both genre and generational lines.


Pulling from his vast musical and geographical influences, Johnnie continues to craft tunes that’ll get you both moving and thinking. And when he’s not in the studio or garnering millions of streams and radio plays, he’s giving back. Johnnie’s One Word Foundation, based on his emotional ballad, “One,” focuses on teaching kids the weight of their words and actions. Since 2016, he’s performed for Boys & Girls Club locations and children’s choirs across the country. The foundation has also teamed up with various charities to benefit causes close to Johnnie’s heart, like homelessness, hunger, education, assisting disadvantaged communities, and animal rights. “I’ve been given a gift,” Johnnie states, “And I need to use it to give back.”