Brieanna James - "Leave"

October 01, 2020 - 97 views
DIRECTOR:  Carl Diebold
LABEL:  Brieanna James Music
Featured on Musictout / Boots & Guitars
SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 (NASHVILLE, TN) – After a long, anticipated wait, Brieanna James will release her new single titled Leave on September 25th. She co-wrote the track with songwriter, producer and musician, Cameron Stymeist. The song tells the story of young love, heartbreak and the emotions in the aftermath of a breakup.
“Leave” is the first single from her forthcoming EP that showcases the depth ofBrieanna’s voice and her songwriting prowess. The song showcases the raw emotions in her vocals and her ability to craft real life stories that pull at the heartstrings of the listener.
Brieanna was born in Nashville, Tennessee and splits her time between her hometown and Los Angeles, which has helped her craft a style all her own. Her brand of storytelling is rooted in country tradition with a sprinkle of metropolitan sass. People started to take notice of her singing and songwriting talent when she uploaded her original material and cover songs on YouTube. Her Brett Young cover of “In Case You Didn’t Know” amassed over 1.3 million views on YouTube and quickly became a fan favorite as she put her own feminine spin on Young’s hit. Her version quickly became popular on TikTok with fans uploading videos of the song using her version and lip-syncing to her vocals. The first week she started her TikTok account, she had 400 followers. Within days, that number
grew to over 100K followers and continues to grow daily. With that growth, the demand for new, original material came quickly from her fan base. Over the past several months, she’s been writing and working on two EPs: one with new, original material and another with some of her most popular covers.

Entering a new decade with her talents at new heights, Brieanna is ready to connect with her fans on an even deeper level with her forthcoming EP. Working with a select group of songwriters, Brieanna has honed her gifts for ear-catching hooks and true-to-life storytelling, and her new project gives her a chance to showcase her full musical range across moods and styles. While her work in California has added some pop sheen to her repertoire, Brieanna says it best herself: “Country music isn’t just a sound to me, it’s a lifestyle.” And her honest, authentic approach to the genre shows one thing for certain: you can take the girl out of the Nashville, but you can’t take Nashville out of the girl.
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